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Hennryclinton, 19800101, Saint George Island, Alaska, United States
Saint George Island, Alaska, United States
Living situation:
With kids
Seeking for the right person to own In my life
About yourself:
It is difficult to describe myself and to be objective, but I will try). My main quality is a caring attitude towards the people around me, maybe that is why I have always wanted to become a laundry owner . I am a helpful and reliable man . I am romantic
Looking for:

My biggest hobby is movies - I always spend an evening with a good movie and can tell you much about the movies I have already seen and the actors who took part in them. Despite my love to the movies, I am sure that I would be a very bad actress, as I am an emotional man and can even cry while watching a good movie - both because of the sad and happy moments). I do sports and have two dogs and one cat.

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