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jasser, Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Looking for:

Hello everyone,I would describe myself as a romantic,kind and loving guy.
I live life to the maximum,and don`t take life too seriously.
I enjoy going out clubbing with friends,and love dancing.Especialy whilst im in a club with friends and the song jump around is on lol.
I have been currently living in Portsmouth since October 2007 and life is totally diferent from were i am from which is London.
It`s alot more quiter and you don`t see many people rushing to get to work.Were as in London you always have rush hours,and normally in mornings you would be crowded with people on buses and get squashed and find it hard to get off buses with so many people in the way.As most of the time i would find myself being late for work and getting a right lecturing from my boss.
But i must say i miss life in London,i had lived there all my life.

I am enjoying life in Portsmouth though,i am living with my mum,who means the world to me.Specially when it comes too sunday afternoons,i always look foward to one of her delicious roast meals.But its not just her cooking i love, i love her for the mum she is, i would not say the word perfect, cause i don`t beleive no one is perfect.But love her tons and tons and im so proud to have a mum like her.

I am the type that likes to keep myself in good shape,i like to do my exercises on a daily basis.And most of the time watch what i eat.Gosh im sounding like a real health freak now,honestly guys im not.I love to have a drink and get a bit tipsy at times .But on regular occasions after waking up the next morning from alot to drink from the previous night will find me not hardly remembering much from the night.Which scares me alot.

It`s amazing how alcohol could actually do that to you.Well if your me then theres no suprise really lol.

I must say i am totally different from most gentlemen my age.Friends and family say to me i look like a 19 year old,but act like someone alot older.So sometimes that puzzles me into why so many people think that.

Also my friends and family say im an easy,nice guy to get on with which i will put my thumb upto as i think im a easy going human being.Also im the kind off guy that will listen to anyone what they have to say.
I think mutual understanding is important in life.

I always do my best to be there for my family and friends.If they have any problems or have something on there mind,which they may need someone to talk too they know that im here.

I am a very outgoing person,that enjoys going to a pub and socialising with friends,and love meeting new people.

I enjoy travelling and exploring round England.But must answer that the furthest i have ever got in this world is Sheffield lol.I have never been abroad,which makes me think how fascinating it is to do so.But shall be going abroad very soon which im all excited about.I want to go to Venice in Italy as thats the city i was conceived as a baby.

But im looking for new friends and like to get to know people better and see how it goes.But i am still in need of that special princess that i can love and cherish.

So please come and say hi,im not a naugthy boy really.Well unless you want me to be!!!!!!...

If you read all this,then you must be mad.No only joking,thanks if you have read everything and is much appeciated.

Hope you like
what you hear ladies.

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