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gardianir, Cheboksary, Russia
Cheboksary, Russia
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Once I was gazing at the night sky and saw a falling star….I made a
wish upon a star, a wish that everyone of us has, to find another
half! I know that you are some where, may be far away from me, but
close to me spiritually, my only man. Strong and tender, responsible
and loving whom I could trust and whom I could share all my love,
passion, care and life with. To be a faithful loving wife, caring
mother and just the best friend to my only man that what I want in my
life and that what would make me the happiest lady in the world.
Mutual understanding, respect and trust between us are essential and
they will help us to overcome all the difficulties…
Wishes do come true!!! Just we haven’t found each other yet…

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