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floragrey13, 19800704, Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands
Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands
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Hey how are you! Let me introduce myself, I'm Diana, a 24 year old passionate young woman who just graduated in Geology. I consider myself an adventurer in search of fascinating experiences and unforgettable moments. The Earth is my canvas and I love to e
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I'm still looking for a life partner is my dream. I don't care if he's handsome or ugly. Rich or poor. Educated or uneducated. Respect your culture, colors, and thoughts. I will not judge you with a wrong judgment. I am a respectable person and I respect all religions and cultures that seek love. I don't want fake love or fun. I want a heart that beats with true love and sincerity. age doesn't matter. if you want to have access with me on skype just add me up sandra cotten the profile is flower and my google chart account is; celinagrey55@gmail.com

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