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I am a good MANl of very good parents. I am 100% real and not ideal. I am not a doll, who is smiling and looks good only. I am an alive person. I have a heart which has so much love and passion to give. I will be faithful and sincere to my beloved one and will never betray him. I can love and support, I can give so much to a MY GIRL Family is everything for me. I would like to form my own family with a special GIRL, who will become my best LOVE, my partner, and of course my love. I am serious. I don`t want to play any games, OK? I don`t know what your first opinion is when you look at me, but I think it is not true and after getting to know me better, you will understand that I am different. And you will be happy about it.

I don`t believe in ideals, and I have never had a picture of a Princesse on the white horse in my head when I was thinking of my future love. What I know for sure she will be a real girl with his ups and downs, dreams and hopes, likes and dislikes. And I will respect him for who he is, because I know we are all real people, we can have good and bad days. I want you to know (you, who is reading my profile right now), I will love and respect, support you. I think we will have similar hobbies with you, but if not, then I would love you to open the world of your hobbies for me, and I will do the same for you .

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